SEEDS has published various articles on its work over the years. Here we list a few more recent publications. Short reports on a few recent projects can be found in the blog section.

SEEDS – A Humble Journey Since 1993

SEEDS was invited to speak at the Odisha Development Seminar of the OSA Annual Convention (2021) in Houston. Please click on the link above to view the presentation SEEDS members made at the seminar summarizing the work of SEEDS since its inception.

SEEDS Silver Jubilee Souvenir

When SEEDS completed 25 years, its members decided to celebrate the crossing of this important milestone by creating a compilation of their  SEEDS stories. This document, published in 2021, is available in hardcopy as well as soft copy that can be viewed by clicking on the above link.

SEEDS-India 3-year Year Activity Report    

In 2018, SEEDS Founder Dr. Priyadarsan Patra moved back to India, where he accepted a position in a university. SEEDS-India Trust was founded with Dr Dhanada Mishra and Mr. S.C.Choudhury as trustees. In addition, an active group of young local volunteers was established to be deployed to work for SEEDS-India. All this accelerated SEEDS-India activities. Please click on the above link to to find a summary of what Seeds-India accomplished in its first 3 years of existence.  

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