Covid-19 Mask Project Report from Amara Biswas

Due to your initiative and fundraising by SEEDS, Our Biswas and Aamara Biswas (AB) have received additional donations toward our Covid-19 Masks project that had started in May 2020. The contribution was very helpful and helped the organization to make 7635 more masks.
Kedar Sahani, the treasurer of Aamara Biswas, is the coordinator of this project. He works hard to make this project successful. AB has distributed 18,200 masks as of March 15, 2021. The total cost is Rs 11 to make a mask which includes the material costs and payment to the girls (Rs. 5 each). AB is planning to continue this project until it is required. We have also noticed that many of the cold and allergy related sicknesses have been reduced by using the masks.
On behalf of Aamara Biswas and Our Biswas, I sincerely thank you, SEEDS, and all the donors for their kind support.
With gratitude,
Ranu Mahanti
March 21, 2021
Covid-19 Mask Project Report from Amara Biswas
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