Get Involved

If you believe in our objectives and values and would like to get involved, there are many ways you can help in addition to donating your money. Some examples are listed below. Please contact us with some information about you and your interest area. We would love to hear from you and work with you. You can also stay in touch with us through social media and share our posts with your friends.

Adopt a Project

Many of our supporters make multi-year or one-time financial commitments to contribute toward some of the on-going projects that invest in education or empowerment of women, such as scholarships for needy students, or training camps for women, a new e-library in their village etc. In addition to financially supporting it, they may visit the project site, and help us understand and monitor the project. They may help build awareness for the project in their circle of friends.

Raise Funds/Awareness

Sometimes performers and event planners organize fun events with their communities to raise funds and awareness for our projects. Invite a SEEDS speaker to your event to make a short presentation.

Volunteer Your Skills and Time

SEEDS relies on the skills of its volunteers to sustain itself. It grew out of the desires of young students in university campuses with technical skills and desire to apply them to social causes to bring about positive change. Please contact us and tell us about what skills you can contribute.

Be a Partner

Are you already working with a community in Odisha that is sincerely engaged in sustainable and equitable developmental work? Please tell us about the nature of the work and any particular project where catalytic help may be needed.

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